The Legend

1000 years ago, Pairo, the God of Passion, was furious at the way his creations, the orcs, were being treated by mortals and deities alike. He decided then, to break the ancient agreement between the Gods by coming down to Earth to rule over the mortal races as the self proclaimed “Demon King”, sacrificing his realm and half his power. For years he led his orc armies on a path of utter destruction, cleaving through man, elves, and dwarves alike and conquering near all of Mestriki.

The 8 looked upon Earth hopelessly. To leave and face Pairo would mean the destruction of their realm; and even if victory was attained, another great war would surely follow, as the deities would try to advance their own race. Tayella, the Goddess of Time, however, volunteered to end the chaos on Earth. She, who had created the Dragons to keep order over the races, was known to hold all the other races in equal lighting, and was therefore the perfect candidate.

Tayella descended to the mortal plane, also leaving behind her realm and half her power forever. There she found a hero to champion her and the cornered races in the final battle. The armies of the Goddess and the Demon King met underneath the shadow of the Great Mt. Terra for one last bout. Here the bloodiest battle the world had ever seen took place. After hours of fighting, no one seemed to have gained the upper hand, and seeing this, the Demon King entered the fray himself. Seeing this, the hero, with gifts of great power granted to him by the Goddess, was able to weaken the Demon King. Using the last of her power, the Goddess gave up her divinity to seal the Demon King inside the nearby Mt. Terra.

After the dust had settled, the Goddess and the Hero were victorious. For the rest of her days, Tayella with the aid of the hero, established the Mestriki Empire; a united kingdom comprised of the 4 main races (Man, Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings). The Hero became King, and his line continues to this day, watching over the land to keep an everlasting peace.

The Legend

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